B-Max and Following Light Release the “Best Of” Compilation on COOD Music

COOD Music are celebrating some of their most successful releases. As such, they are putting them in one compilation. This includes Mateo Paz’s critically acclaimed remix of M0narch’s ‘654’.

Mateo Paz has transformed this tune into a darker, sultrier version. As a result, it is fit for playing in the depths of the night. ‘654’ skirts on the borders of progressive house and techno with its colourful arpeggios that keep the listener intrigued as it gradually builds to a drop that encompasses you in the full essence of the track.

Fans can also find music from the likes of COOD Music favorites such as M0narch, Methodub, Donnerstag, Clay Lio and Endorfina on this compilation. Run by two Progressive House stars themselves B-Max and Following Light, COOD Music focus their attention on all things progressive house and it shows through the astonishing music they release every month.

Furthermore, the ‘Best Of COOD’ compilation is out now. Also,purchase here.

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