Beyoncé – “End Of Time (Sydney Sousa)” Baile Funk Edit Review

There are two kinds of remixes in this world. The one that reworks the original and ones that totally turn the song on its head. This particular song has the best of both worlds. Familiar enough to fans but also a new interesting way to hear the song. I’ve always felt “End of Time” was one of Beyoncé‘s best. In fact, I thought it should have been the first single for her album “4”, now almost 5 years after it’s release, Sydney Sousa has given us a new take on the track. 

Sydney defiantly has his own style of music and it shines brightly on this mix. Taking all the great things from Queens Bey’s song and amping it up to a fresh new funky level. The Baile Funk breakdown works great since the songs already had a tribal kind of feel thanks to our buddy Diplo on the original track. The new little breakdown takes the song a different direction, mixing two styles beautifully. The same horns pop out throughout the track just like the original, and some of Bey’s background vocals run through a tremulator and it honestly sounds really cool with her strong vocals.  This mix adds a nice flare to a little older song. While I hate to say a remix is better than an original, I do think this is a fresh mix and works wonderfully with the original. I can’t help to love them Baile drums! 

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