Bingo Players “A Decade of Bingo Players”: A Documentary of the Duo’s Journey

Bingo Players is a production and DJ group from Holland that has been producing music since 2006. Maarten Hoogstraten and Paul Bäumer were the original members and produced music together until December of 2013 until Bäumer passed away after a six-month battle with cancer.

The event shocked the EDM community, and also set the stage for an internal battle Maarten would face making music, touring, and handling the pressure of carrying on Paul Bäumer’s legacy. A Decade of Bingo Players is a documentary created by esteemed-director Shomi Patwary and narrated by Maarten Hoogstraten. You can check out the video here:

A Decade of Bingo Players

The documentary highlights events of Bingo Players through their years of formation and achieving their goals. Love for the house and electronic music begins at young ages for people living in Holland, as EDM, rock and pop music are the most popular styles of music on mainstream radio. Such exposure led Maarten and Paul to gain knowledge of the music and how to make it early on.

Maarten recalls first messing around with sounds and music on using his Soundblaster sound-card for his computer. Hoogstraten also discusses the influence Laidback Luke had on the duo’s upbringing as artists, alongside influences from Steve Angelo and Aviici.

Bingo Players
Maarten Hoogstraten (left) and Paul Bäumer (right)

Maarten and Paul’s Story

The tale of Bingo Players is not complete happiness and success, though. Maarten and Paul’s relationship, unfortunately, cut short due to Bäumer’s bout with cancer. The community joined hands behind Maarten and supported him throughout the process. But there was still a void that was unfillable, and a bond that was severed far too soon. Together, the two DJs produced songs such as Cry (Just a Little), Rattle, and the popular revamp of Get Up featuring Far East Movement.

The documentary covers the life of Maarten after the passing of Bäumer, as well as how MC Iceman has stepped in to offer support during Bingo Players tours. MC Iceman has made it clear that there is no replacing Bäumer. He is only a “Bingo Players MC”, portraying utmost respect for the late DJ.

Knock You Out, a Bingo Players track released soon after Bäumer’s passing, became the group’s first number one hit in the US Dance charts. The success of Bingo Players has shown how the EDM community can help people through the hardest of times.

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