BLANKE – Curiosity EP Release

Are you curious about how you can freshen up your Spotify playlist? Forget the typical artists that are on the mainstream and lock in the new ‘Curiosity EP’ by Blanke; Australian-born DJ/producer. Fresh talent that needs to be heard, Blanke gets the gift of Downright — a label catering to the underground world delivering superior sounds of magic. The new EP allows you to close your eyes and feel the tunes right down to your bones.


It’s not just kangaroos and creatures that will kill you in Australia, it’s underground artists that deserve to be heard. Just like Alison Wonderland and Tigerlily, Blanke delivers the new-age sound that makes us in touch with our feelings. Blanke is an up and coming artist that is going to blow away his competition. He’s been slowly taking the world by storm as seen through the amass of plays on his SoundCloud. Some of those plays come from me, why? Because Blanke is my inner spirit animal waiting to get out.

Blanke - Curiosity EP Cover Art


What made me fall in love? Aside from being some nice Aussie eye-candy, a year ago Blanke uploaded a magical remix of ‘Jumpman’ (Drake & Future). I’m not typically a Drake fan, but it sold me. It includes Blanke’s love of utilizing experimental edge, something I’ve noticed only underground artists truly tap into. It’s easy to listen to, but most importantly it’s now, are you curious yet?


Blanke - Headshot


If you love heavy bass and connecting with tunes that caress your ears and touch your heart, then Blanke needs to be at the top of your playlist. He positions himself on the darker edge of music, tapping into our inner sinister, but assuring us at the end of listening we’re actually on clouds being a bass god/goddess.

The EP dropped on the 16th of June and already there’s been thousands of plays… in just a few days. That’s pure magic, as NEST HQ says – “Absolutely Killer.” I encourage anyone who is tired of hearing the mainstream DJs/producers on overdrive and give underground bass music a chance. Help underground artists rise above the fold and into the ears of millions. After all, it’s our duty to highlight the up and coming and nurture them into the ears of others.

Get curious, and get the Curiosity EP now!



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