Blonde Electra – “Let’s Touch” Music Video

I remember when I first learned that you could change your iTunes store country and listen to other music from around the world. It’s what started me on the path of buying expensive imports, blasting albums Americans never heard, and, of course, loving the fact that I got my hand on foreign music.  Fast forward to 2017, and it’s now normal to find U.K acts and represent them over here. With that being said, Blonde Electra are sisters who were a part of the eleventh season of The X Factor U.K. They made it all the way to finals and have been working on music since 2014. Blonde Electra just dropped their second single called “Let’s Touch” and I have watched the video about 20 times in a row. I can’t seem to look away and the song is beyond catchy.


I’m a sucker for the pop tunes, and this song takes a popular tropically sound and switches it up a little. The song is somewhere in between mid-tempo and bedroom banger. It has the popular vocal chops in the chorus, but these ones are a little lower than other ones on the radio and also slightly slower than your regular tropical house.The bass line and drums play a little different tune than the typical tropical house track, and I think that’s what really throws me through a loop and sets the song apart from other basic tunes. Lyrically the song is about touching bodies- no surprise there with a title like “Let’s Touch”. They sing “I’m all about you tonight” nicely together, you can hear they are sisters and understand each other’s vocal ranges. It’s the perfect balance of radio friendliness and originality. The video, on the other hand, is a rave girl’s dream. Colorful braids, crazy sunglasses, and shiny onesies. The video screams bright colors and something is always popping right out to you. There’s a pool scene with a bunch of colorful balls and visually, it looks stunning. They look great, the colors work perfect together and it’s a fun video to match the song. The video also shows off the nicely toned sisters in a new light, still the party girls from 2014 but brought up to 2017 times. Check it out!


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