Bobby Shann and Blas Cordero Collab on, “Super Smash”

A Tech House track that's full-on funky

Bobby Shann and Blas Cordero have once again proven their talents at showcasing the creative electricity they generate when they collaborate. Their latest release is titled, “Super Smash.” It is a downright funky Tech House track with a percussive groove that gets you moving from the very first beat.

A choppy vocal sample with a rap-like feel leads the build-up before a subtle, yet heavier beat kicks in. This tech tune has tons of energy and a driving bass that keeps the pace throughout. Just when you think you couldn’t get any more out of the track, they proceed to add drama! Once the breakdown hits, things go to the next level after the second drop.

This is the third collaboration between Bobby Shann and Blas Cordero, and they keep getting better every time. Their previous collaboration, “Double Vision” was supported by industry figure heads such as Dice and The Martinez Brothers, and there is already huge excitement surrounding the potential of, “Super Smash.”

Blas is a key player in the world-renowned brand of Cuttin’ Headz and an essential figure in the NY scene. Bobby has been making waves with his uniqueness and fresh take on the genre. Impressively, both of their insatiable drives and infectious energy have merged into one cohesive vision of pure, unadulterated quality music.

The track is is out now to stream and download.

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