Bobby Shann Introduces “Tournament of Power”

Bobby Shann's "Tournament of Power" is a deep-house track that has a smooth sound for everyone to hear

Bobby Shann’s “Tournament of Power” is a transcendent deep-house track that will take you into a state of pure bliss. Kicking off with a standard bassline, the producer sprinkles a funkier groove before pairing with decadent and dreamy chords. These sounds later become a staple in the tune.

The melodic elements on the bassline and top line of ‘Tournament of Power’ sit like a symphony in your ears. The elements provide an uber-cool vibe that is upbeat and fun yet mysterious in the same way. Inspired by the Dragonball super-franchise, this is a teaser release to his pending album, A New Power Awakens.

Bobby Shann has embarked on a study on Akira Toriyama, the producer behind the music of Dragonball. He was fascinated with Toriyama’s work and personal philosophies. This paired with the influence of the character Goku, a tribute to Bobby’s two icons which has generated a truly exceptional track.

With such a unique muse of inspiration, Bobby Shann has once again proved his undeniable originality and skill for creativity. Having had a stormer of a year music-wise releasing hits such as “Super Smash“, “Call Me Papi” and “Double Vision“, as well as the anticipated album approaching, Bobby is certainly pushing his way to the top of his field.

“Tournament of Power” is out now.

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