BOMBAYS Sends Out “ALLURE” to Draw In More Fans

Alluring indeed, BOMBAYS sets off with his first 2021 release

BOMBAYS hits all the right notes with his appropriately titled single “ALLURE,” drawing listeners close to his sound.

BOMBAYS released his first single in 2019 with his singles “JOURNEY” and “SCORPIO.” Quickly capturing the attention of industry leaders and fans, BOMBAYS soon released the EP BELIEF via Insomniac’s IN / ROTATION. The EP garnered the attention of Sonny Fedora, who included BOMBAYS on the compilation album Solotoko Drops Vol. 2.

Entering into 2021 with “ALLURE,” BOMBAYS reigns with forceful vocals to start off the track. Pulsing with kicks underlining the deep house atmosphere, BOMBAYS takes it up a notch. Moreover, the Los Angeles producer switches from crisp vocals to a softer, echoing tone to create a sensational buildup. BOMBAYS saunters into the drop with enticing vocal chops and a distinctive formant shift, resuming with the track’s electrifying tone. Giving listeners a brief moment to embrace the song’s hard-cutting beats and dark ambiance, BOMBAYS cunningly lays it heavy on the synth before vocals take listeners into the front seat. Sit back, turn up the volume, and kick the bass to its fullest, because the rising producer sends listeners his offering of a clean house track, attracting noise and anticipation for what will come next.

Check out BOMBAYS’ “ALLURE” below or listen to the song via Thrive on your preferred music platform.

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Jillian Nguyen

Jillian Nguyen is a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate and a self-proclaimed EDM aficionado. She loves to chase DJs to music festivals where she also shows off her shuffling. Her favorite genres are deep house and bass house, with her favorite DJs being Moksi, Malaa, Valentino Khan and Skrillex.

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