BONNIE X CLYDE Hit #1 on Dance Music Charts with “Love is Killing Me”

BONNIE X CLYDE take the #1 spot yet again with their summer single, “Love is Killing Me“. After holding the #2 spot on USA Today’s North American Music Dance charts for over two weeks, the catchy single jumped to the #1 spot. This is the duo’s 2nd time at the top of the charts, with their 2017 single “Bass Jam” also taking the #1 spot.

BONNIE X CLYDE – Love is Killing Me by Ultra Music

BONNIE X CLYDE originally released “Love is Killing Me” via Ultra Music on June 25th, 2020. The track was immediately a hit, gaining over 2 million streams worldwide on Apple Music and Spotify. Listeners can also catch the single on mega-playlists, Dance Rising with over 1.9 million followers, and Creamy with over 630,000 followers. It now has over 3 million streams worldwide on Apple Music and Spotify.

“Love is Killing Me” is a product of Paige Lopynski and Daniel Litman’s (BONNIE X CLYDE) drive to constantly be putting out new and original music, even in these tough times. When asked about the track, the duo said, “This song is our way of expressing our dedication for continuing to make the music we love. Despite what is going on around us, we are passionate about what we do and will always put in the hard work that it takes to create these songs.” With no signs of slowing down, the pair have noted plans to release a new album this fall.

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