Boston Bun’s Imprint, Circa ’99, Releases its First Compilation

Boston Bun's imprint, Circa '99, releases a compilation album that will have everyone dance right away to its addicting, funky tunes

After three years of nonstop hot releases, Boston Bun’s imprint Circa ’99 releases its first compilation, Circa ’99, Vol. 1.

The compilation includes Boston Bun’s own classics, such as “Missing You,” “Better Together,” “Nothing But Rainbows,” and the newly released “Whenever You’re Ready,” which provides the compilation’s introduction.

Following “Whenever You’re Ready,” the compilation takes a turn with Samaran’s “Paris Madness,” serving a clean beat to vibe to before Boogie Vice’s “Enter The Rave” takes the stage with its funky tune.

Samaran’s “Paris Madness” earned its own comments from Kungs, with the producer saying, “My favourite drop? Paris Madness from Samaran! It always evokes an explosion on the dancefloor!”

Canadian producer RYAN Playground makes an appearance on the compilation with “The1,” a relaxing and nostalgic track with quaint a piano guiding the experience. Meanwhile, DEVOTED and MAI LAN’s feel-good “Delayed Sunrise” brings an upbeat touch.

“The Promise” by French producer David Spinelli manages a harmonious balance between its chill production but energetic vocals while Flaurese’s “Sake of Lust” takes the compilation to heaven’s new heights with its ethereal sound.

You Man and Jerge take control of the feelings of anticipation with the striking drops in “Everybody.” Although “Grey” is Monaco’s first release, the techno track embeds itself in minds and carries bodies across the dancefloor. Lastly, Samaran’s “Allo” closes the compilation with a dark house touch.

Boston Bun’s Comments

With the compilation’s release, Boston Bun also commented, “We were so focussed on the music that we never really took the time to put all the pieces together. This first compilation is a way to put all the pieces together, a way for us to show you – look, this is Circa ’99, this is who we are.’’

In addition to the compilation, Boston Bun released a video guiding listeners through the journey of the label’s creation.

Purchase the compilation on Circa ’99’s site along with merchandise.

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