“Break It Down” from Bobby Shann is Out Now

Bobby Shann has an intoxicating music style that snatches your attention with his striking and flavorful beats. He lives up to his reputation with the release of his brand new single “Break It Down”.

Bursting at the seams with techy goodness, this tune is an instant toe-tapper. The funky groove begins subtle, hiding behind the percussion before slowly making its way to the forefront of the track and getting the party started. Bobby Shann uses an insanely infectious Indian-style vocal sample that works in complete harmony with the music.

The track progressively builds, setting the atmosphere before cutting out and bringing the groove back in to emphasise just how good this tune is. “Break It Down” is perfect for any occasion, whether a peak-time club track or a pre-drinks vibe setter. It gets the job done and makes for fantastic listen.

The music influences of Bobby Shann stem from the vintage sounds of Hip-Hop and Disco. In fact, these influences placed him ahead of the curve in terms of creativity and knowledgeability. With several critically acclaimed remixes and a standout EP under his belt, Bobby constantly strives to be the best he can be. He is definitely setting his sights high for 2020.

“Break It Down” is out now and available to stream and download.

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