BROHUG Releases Bass House Heavy “Mixtape 3”

This EP is really something!

Brohug has been very busy in the last few weeks. With countless tracks released and more and more attention gained, Brohug are really something special. Today, they release their four-track bass-heavy EP titled “Mixtape 3.”

The tracks “Breach,” “Charge,” and “Escape,” have already been released. Each one of these tracks fit the shuffle dance quite well and have an overall dirty synth feel to it.

What makes this EP so special? It was made completely during the beginning of worldwide lockdown. Brohug are now giving it to their fans as a way to lift spirits during the pandemic.

The ‘Mixtape‘ series continues with #3; a concept which we wanted to focus on in 2020, releasing crates of new music to move the dancefloors. While we all expected to be partying together this year, a different hand was dealt. The 4 tracks featured on Mixtape 3 were made during the beginning of shutdowns around the world, and we wanted them to represent and inspire the strength music can provide during crazy times. At times of uncertainty, sometimes the best thing we can do is listen to music, dance, and forget about the outside world, if only for a moment.”


You can stream “Mixtape 3” on Soundcloud here:

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