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Just last month Pittsburgh’s very own a DJ Buku released the song “Comic Boy”. The song is inspired by one of Buku’s younger fans. Josh, who is twelve years old, sent him a comic, asking him to make a song and call it “Comic Boy”. Josh’s wish was answered, and Buku fans got an amazing song. Shortly after, Comic Boy became one of Buku’s biggest hits to date.

Additionally, the artist has just released a new track for free called “We Go”. Released a few days ago, it already has garnered 20,000 reviews on Soundcloud. It’s pretty clear that he isn’t new to the music scene at all. He posted his first EDM song on Soundcloud six years ago, and he also has a degree in Music Technology, which attributes to his eclectic sound. Some of his other works are “Front To Back”[Original]¬†and the “Front To Back” [Remix By Bassnectar], “Terminal”, “Ready 4” and “No Dramas”

He has performed at some of the biggest festivals, including Sunset Music Festival in Tampa, FL, Addicted to Bass in Detroit, MI and Flower of Life Festival in Artemas, PA. Up next for the DJ is Konnexion in Twin Boise, ID and at the Suboctave in Houston, MN and Pirate Party in Haugan, MT. These upcoming shows will all be in July, so get your tickets while you can! Hopefully we will be hearing more music in the near future, but for now we have all of his amazing songs.

Find Buku’s upcoming gigs here.

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“Buku’s We Go”

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