Feel Good Vibes in Busta K’s Release Single “Doing Alright”

“Doing Alright”

French DJ and producer, Busta K, is continuing his budding career with the release single “Doing Alright”.  This house music track has a positive energy and authentic instrumental sound, characteristic of his style. Following the summertime season’s interview, now is the time check in with Busta K as the autumnal season begins. Have a listen to the track from below.

Track Review

“Doing Alright” is a vocal house classic. It appeals to the upbeat lyrics typical of much of the similar producing artist, such as Hellberg, and FDVM. The track features the sing talent of Kaylee. Her voice is soft and bright. Among the variety of instrumentals are marimba style drums that match the brightness of Kaylee’s singing.

Gentle guitar strumming joins the chorus that fits right in with the gentle nature of her voice, too. Ultimately, the sounds mesh well together. Busta K has a great ear for music, and “Doing Alright” is especially well done.

"Doing Alright"

Photo from Busta L Facebook

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