CAMARDA and Almero Drop “Good Old Days”

The two release a tech-house groove under Nicky Romero's imprint.

CAMARDA and Almero return to Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings imprint with the single “Good Old Days”. Listeners will also be happy to note both an original and extended release of the track.

“Good Old Days” pushes dance to its boundaries with an emphatic tech-house delivery. CAMARDA and Almero capture the essence of dance with a classic four-on-the-floor beat backed by bold synths. The song provides an aural experience that transports listeners from their homes to frisking on the dancefloor with an array of lights surrounding them. Meanwhile, CAMARDA and Almero are the shamans of the experience as they take command with crisp drums setting the tone.

Moreover, CAMARDA and Almero’s “Good Old Days” release exemplifies Protocol Recording’s take on elevating unique and underground sounds.

“Good Old Days” follows the two’s previous single “They Don’t Know,” and CAMARDA’s remix of “Only For Your Love” by Nicky Romero and Florian Picasso. The two producers first arrived on Protocol Recordings earlier this year after debuting on the label’s Protocol Grooves Pt. 1 EP.

CAMARDA and Almero are only beginning to lay the groundwork with their promising and electrifying releases.

Listen to the release below or stream “Good Old Days” on various platforms through this link.

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Jillian Nguyen

Jillian Nguyen is a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate and a self-proclaimed EDM aficionado. She loves to chase DJs to music festivals where she also shows off her shuffling. Her favorite genres are deep house and bass house, with her favorite DJs being Moksi, Malaa, Valentino Khan and Skrillex.

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