Carnage’s Label Presents “Lockdown” EP

This EP is truly unique

DJ Carnage’s music label, Heavyweight Records, has just released its latest EP which was created during lockdown. The six-track EP features artists like Fito Silva and 2AM. Carnage is a very established artists across multiple genres.

The tracks were all made during the live demo sessions on Twitch held by Heavyweight Records. The tracks are quite special as this flexes the different artist’s creativity due to prolonged sessions. This was all made possible by COVID-19 and this small time period acts as a homage to the album.

“Lockdown” EP Breakdown

The first track on the EP is “Down” by 2AM and Elusion. It’s very hard-hitting and makes for a good festival song. The build-up leads to a very sudden and powerful drop which is pretty loud too.

The second track on the “Lockdown” EP, “Hit Lick” was produced by Freaky x Hay!. The track definitely fits in with the Heavyweight Records style of music, with very few vocals mixed with a classic style of the individual artists.

Steez’s mechanical, synth-driven “To The Face” is very much a festival track. It has a massive drop which is very strong and the songature sound of Steez shines out with this song.

Fito Silva’s “Indian Riddim” is very different to the rest of the songs on the “Lockdown” EP. It features a sound used by many well-known trap, bass and dubstep artists. The rapid-fire snares also make for a good song, nearly signaling the end of the EP.

Elle’s “Ah Shit” acts as the softest track from this EP. The track may not seem like a dubstep or bass song right away but as the drop develops, you definitely see the influences from the label.

Zoobstool’s contribution to this EP comes in the form of “Block Huggaz” which is quite the send off. The last track on the “Lockdown” EP features a orchestral intro with a feeling of capturing the current world atmosphere. This song makes you feel in the moment. The drill-like drop only adds to the character of this song.

Stream the EP on Spotify here:

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