Caspa Releases ‘Ghost Town’ EP + Night Owl Radio Guest Mix

Caspa Debuts ‘Ghost Town’ EP + Night Owl Radio Guest Mix

UK Dubstep Producer/DJ Caspa announces his latest ‘Ghost Town‘ EP out on Bassrush Records, including a guest appearance on Pasqualla Rotella’s renowned Night Owl Radio. The 11-minute, three-song EP journeys into heavy wubs, thuds, and some interesting and profound vocal samples; including one quote from the late and great Bill Hicks. Click here to purchase/stream.

Caspa Ghost Town EP
credit: caspa facebook

Ghost Town EP

“I Am Future” kicks off the EP with orchestral undertones and slowed down slap box beats. “The past can no more become the future than the future can become the past,” is said over the airwaves at the beginning of the song – reminiscent of some industrial laboratory.

The second track, “What’s Happening To Me” is a perfect song to relive Halloween nostalgia. The intro gives way to a screaming vocal sample and a person shouting, “Let me out of here!”. This loops a few times, but then cuts out to another sample; one that another bass legend, Bassnectar has performed before, particularly at his famous 2015 Red Rocks run. Click here to watch.

“Ice Cold” wraps up the album with eerie rhythms and heavy beats. A familiar track, as Caspa has played this one live before. The song chops and drops with a heavy-attitude style that the UK artist helped define.

Caspa Night Owl Radio Ghost Town Guest Mix
credit: insomniac events

Night Owl Radio Episode 117

Some fast and thick-accented reggae lyrics kick off Caspa’s Night Owl Radio guest mix. Listeners will hear both live classics and new debuts throughout the 30-minute soundscape. Scroll below to enjoy the full episode or fast-forward to the 1:18:50 mark to hear Caspa’s part.

“The UK legend today tore down the walls with a rampage-ready EP, just like the violently proper guest mix he put together here.” – Insomniac Events said.

It appears this is Caspa’s first time on Night Owl Radio in over two years. He debuted on episode 008 with fellow dubstep don, Rusko. For a listen to that mix, click here.

Learn more about Caspa via Facebook and other social media like Instagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud.

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