Cassian and Yotto Team Up For Another Stunning Remix

The seemingly flawless track, “Imagination ft. Tora” off Cassian‘s debut album Laps, only continues to get better. Today, it has been reimagined by Finnish DJ and all-around oddball, Yotto. The two producers are long-time collaborators and friends. They gifted us with their “Nova” rework last year, and a fire set at The Fonda in L.A. that we’ll never forget. The “Imagination” remix brings an atmospheric vibe to the melodic tune, with Yotto putting his signature ethereal spin on Cassian’s emotive soundscapes. The duo had some pretty iconic words to share on the remix…

Cassian and Yotto’s collaboration

Cassian: “Yotto and I first met years ago at an afterparty in Denver. For some reason I was rolling around the party on an office chair while brandishing a baseball bat. I don’t remember much from that night but I can only presume that I used the baseball bat to pressure Yotto into agreeing to do a remix for me at some point in the future because I can’t think of any other reason why he would have done it. However it came to be, I’m so happy with the incredible remix he’s done and so happy for there to be another chapter in our book as collaborators. Don’t tell anyone but we’re already working on the next chapter (shhh emoji)”

Yotto added: “I met Cassian about five years ago at an afterparty in Denver. We immediately hated each other and created a rivalry in pinball, kick drum loudness and gym scores. He’s a mad scientist in the studio and that shows on his new album. I was able to blackmail him to join me on my tour last year and to do a remix for me – now I’m trying to return the favor by destroying a beautiful song from his album called ’Imagination’. I guess what I’m trying to say is he’s a legend and I’m always happy to work with the man.”

Give this one a rinse after the sun sets tonight and you’re ready to get lost in your imagination. Listen to Yotto’s remix of Cassian’s “Imagination” below.

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