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Naizon has seen bountiful success as a result of his hard work and determination to the art of production. He has dedicated himself to the House genre and consistently releases top-notch tracks. Naizon has rapidly matured into one of the most prolific names in the Tech House domain. With recent releases like ‘Dance It’, ‘My House’ and ‘Midnight’ spiking interest in the scene with heavyweight supports from the likes of Leandro Da SilvaVessbroz, Kasa Remixoff and Kricked, there’s a growing buzz on the underground for Naizon’s sound. Naizon is returning with his release “Quarantine”, which will be premiering on Gas Records. It is a label with a vibrant range of high quality and contemporary sounds on its catalogue to choose from.

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“Quarantine” is a rendition of the lockdown era which was hard for everyone. However, the era gave producers like Naizon a chance to focus on his music without distraction. With a single-minded attention that was able to let him focus on nothing but the track, Naizon says how “Quarantine” was the only right name for the song. “Quarantine” features as a groovy Tech-House production built from a ground-shaking kick drum backing tannoyed announcements reminiscent of the start of the lockdown before Naizon switches up the vibe and unleashes a wet bassline that overshadows the message before the song erupts into a something that deserves a spot in any main room. 

Furthermore, Naizon’s career has really picked up traction in the short time that he has been on the scene. With 2020 being a year of building foundations, 2021 for Naizon is accumulating what will be a breakthrough year into the upper echelons of the underground House music world. He also has a growing discography of addictive and energy fuelled Tech House styled bangers. Then again, Naizon is definitely still one to keep an eye on in the House scene as always. 

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