Cerrone Drops Groovy New Album: DNA

Cerrone's DNA is his 31st LP in his career

Cerrone is one of the more influential musicians in the history of dance music, having influenced countless artists from Daft Punk to Nile Rodgers. Today the disco icon has released a brand new album – DNA – which amazingly is the 31st LP of his legendary career.

Cerrone released The Impact in October – the first single from DNA – which set the tone for the forthcoming album. The music video for The Impact depicts various ecological disasters, alluding to humanity’s reckless abuse of the planet and the destructive “impact” it creates.

Sonically, the album straddles between progressive house and disco. However, one thing’s for sure: every track features Cerrone’s signature live drums. The tracks never employed a drum machine across the album’s nine tracks. The album was partly inspired by Cerrone’s newfound appreciation for DJing, a new skill he’s picked up in recent years.

How Cerrone produced the album

“I got caught up in this whole reinvention game. I started putting together snippets of music to feature in my sets. These sections then started to take shape, building into four-and-a-half even six-minute-long songs. Over the space of a few months, I quickly began to totally immerse myself in these sounds, little by little. They sounded vintage yet frighteningly current, with the kind of spirit I had at the beginning of my career, which is to create musical atmospheres rather than pop songs.” 

Listen to DNA below & be sure to watch the video for The Impact if you haven’t yet.

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