Chace – Something About You (feat. Yade Lauren)

I was shocked when I found out newcomer Chace is only 18 years old! This kid is on the brink of some pure greatness. His latest release features vocals from Yade Lauren, an up and coming artist. Chase’s production on this track is somewhere in between chill and dance music. The chorus gives off great levels of energy but the verses take a more subtle route. Clear vocals and distance pads full up the verses but that only makes the hook come in even harder. The chorus features a catchy synth and halfway through adds some high hats to keep it moving. The kick isn’t too heavy but it hits hard enough to make this song fit more in a dance setting. It has a little touch of K-pop in it but it’s not a full K-pop take, you can just hear small influences of it throughout the track.

Lyrically, Chace and Yade speak about not wasting time on love and realizing that there’s a special feeling going on between the two. You can most defiantly hear the emotion in the vocals, this just is a little added extra to song making it complete.  The song does cut off pretty quick though, I feel it would be even more special with another minute added on but even without the song is still a nice springy house number that is still more interesting than half the songs on the radio.

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