The Chainsmokers – The One [Out Now!]

The Chainsmokers released their sincere new ballad, “The One,” on March 17th through Disruptor Records. The Chainsmokers have been in the limelight a lot recently for their wonderful electronic tracks. “We’ll torch this place we know, before one of us takes a chance and breaks this. I won’t be the one.” Many people relate to this feeling of selfishness at one point or another where they have to take certain actions to either repair the relationship or risk losing it. The lyrics and story to this song are beautiful and touching. This single will be released on April 7th, on upcoming album “Memories…Do Not Open.”

“The One,” begins with a soft choral voice, followed by emotional piano melodies and sincere lyrics. A great thing about these lyrics is that they are both catchy and honest. The ballad then reveals layers of progressive dance beats.  Ballads are a brand-new direction from The Chainsmokers and it seems to play very well for them. More songs of this beautiful composure to be anticipated.

The inspiration for the track was described as:

“We put out the first song on our album today. It’s called “the one”. It’s a ballad, which is new for us, but this album is about growth, both personally and musically. I wrote the first verse of this song on a plane when I was feeling guilty about being so wrapped up in my work, knowing that it was affecting my relationships. I figured if I wrote a song about it, it would remind me to seek balance. So, here it is. Shout out to the dream team @emilywarrennnn @scottharris123 for helping us tell this story.” – The Chainsmokers

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