Charli XCX – ILY2 (Euphoria Edit)

My girl Charli XCX has teamed up with some new and unique producers on her latest mixtape. One new track, “ILY2” got a remix from its original producer and it’s nothing like the main mix. This song has turned into one of my favorite tracks produced by Danny L Harle, both the remix and the album version. Danny has released other songs through the “PC Music” label that have been awesome but the energy he creates on this track is insane. This is a special mix of one of Charli’s mixtape tracks “ILY2′. This mix is a totally different direction, it makes me feel like I’m at a 2002 underground rave. The song gives you that EDM build-up but then breaks into a perfect mixture of trance and pop. It sounds like Charli’s vocals are on helium but I am not complaining as it totally works with the style of the track.

Charli always comes through with the hooks and the melodies but I think this is a really nice change for her. It works, and it works well. I love all the random sounds and slides that play out through the track. This is such a cool edit,  it doesn’t feel anything like the original track and that only makes me like it more. Charli XCX’s mixtape “Number 1 Angel” is on iTunes now and features the original “ILY2” as well as some other certified bangers. Charli is headlining her sold out “Number 1 Angel” tour and I hope its being sold out lights a fire under her label’s ass and gets them to release that full album! I need more Danny and Charli!!!!


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