Check Out Avek’s Newest Single ‘Hydra’

Avek released 'Hydra' and the track also has a remix produced by Znas

Hydra’ is the latest from UK Producer Avek. This Big Room track is hard-hitting and gritty with its relentless synths building the energy and getting your heart racing before the major drop hits which oozes festival vibes. Indeed, Avek’s talents have ‘Hydra’ bursting at the seams with excitement.

He skilfully calms the music down, once again conducting the infectious electricity of ‘Hydra’ through highs and lows makes this an epic tune for clubs and festival stages everywhere. Znas has also put his signature twist on ‘Hydra’ into a more Progressive focused track that feels fresh and intoxicating with hints of Big Room elements woven throughout.

After introducing himself to the excitement of the EDM scene through the legendary festival that is Tomorrowland, Avek became encapsulated by A list DJs who conducted the crowds with both original and remixes and at that moment, Avek’s passion was ignited and sent him on a mission to learn how to DJ and produce.

With no musical background, he has put in painstaking hours of hard work which has certainly paid off, with his first submission to Spinnin’s talent pool reaching the top 50. Currently under Znas’ wing, he is developing his style and exploring Progressive, Future and Bass House. With his sights set on next year’s festival season, Avek is certainly an artist to keep an eye on.

To conclude, ‘Hydra’ is out now on Znas’s imprint Znas Music.

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Finally, after listening to the track, listeners can follow the Spanish indie techno-house DJ on various social media outlets. The obvious outlets that people can follow him are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Then again, there are also his Soundcloud, Spotify, and Beatport pages to follow as well.

Listen to ‘Hydra’ (Original Mix and Znas Remix)

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