Production duo Chuurch drops first single “One Mind” from upcoming EP

Chuurch will release their ‘Uunion’ EP March 27, 2018. Listen to their first single, “One Mind” below.

Over the past couple of years, a band has been making an impression in the EDM music scene while touring all over Canada. They have released projects on Deadbeats, Perfect Driver, and This Ain’t Bristol and left many fans wondering when will be their next release. The long-awaited moment has come for the Calgary-based production duo – Chuurch to release their first project of the year – Uunion. The upcoming EP will release on Skrillex’s label NEST March 27th.

A Little History Of Chuurch

For those who don’t know, the production duo Chuurch is a team collaboration of Producers Justin MacLean and Jeff Wilson. Some might remember them as Makemdef and EviCtion. Both artists had a long history as solo producers and prolific live solo performances. Working together was something they hadn’t thought of before. The two eventually found inspiration from each other almost immediately, creating their signature sound ‘Lean Bass’ and debuting themselves as The Architects of Lean Bass.

Today, the duo has poised themselves for another big year by releasing their first song from the project, “One Mind”. The song features a great amount of  Chuurch’s aggressive yet laid-back vibe of bass, intertwining and playing with different vocal samples. Showcasing their signature production, “One Love” displays that fresh and immediately recognizable sound.

Purchase/stream “One Mind” on all platforms, or listen below!

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