CID Just Released Single “Rock The House” On New Label

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Carlos Cid a.k.a. CID released “Rock The House,” a single that will keep you moving all summer long. This track is a dance banger in every sense of the word. Now the second track CID has now brought to us via his new label Night Service Only. The future is looking great for this Grammy-winning producer from New York.

CID launched Night Service Only by releasing a single with that same name and set the bar for the appropriately titled label. With over 250,000 views on YouTube in under a month, keep an ear out for Night Service Only as it will likely be a staple for late-night mixes. Now with “Rock The House” we have two sweet tracks to bop in the club – hitting almost 60,000 views on Youtube in just three days.

He has been teasing us with these tracks in his sets for a while, and now, CID finally brings them to the public to blast on repeat.

“Rock The House”

It starts with a deep vocal sample that carries us through each transition and shoots right into a beautiful, bass-heavy, house anthem. A few drops throughout keep the energy high and light and showcase CID’s masterful production. He is able to cross-genres with this track to include some fun electro sounds that keep you intrigued the entire time.

The first drop of the song comes in early and is straight to the point – CID is not messing around with this track. The new direction of his label as a whole presents itself in a pronounced fashion. It is clearly a single that is meant to keep your body rocking from start to finish.

There is a brief interlude about halfway through the track during which you could catch your breath, but he holds the tempo strong and closes it with a climactic drop that invokes from the depths of your soul the inclement to really rock your house.

The final drop brings us back full circle to the same beat used in the first verse. This loop concludes the adventure we just embarked on and gives a moment to reflect and prepare for whatever CID plans to release next.

Coming Up

Having shared a Grammy-win in 2014 with Cedris Gervais, CID is ready to do it again on his own. He has collaborated with veterans like Don Diablo and Kaskade, and brought us fire mixes of pop-hits like Audio by Labrinth, Sia and Diplo (aka LSD). CID released “Rock The House” as part of his solo ambition to get his name in everyone’s playlist.

CID is making big moves this year with the inception of his new label as well as taking on a massive tour schedule for the rest of 2019. He’ll be shredding clubs and festivals all over the world including Tomorrowland, New Horizons and Dancefestopia.

Catch CID on his upcoming tour

07/19/2019 – Vinne, Slovakia @ Sundance Festival
07/26/2019 – Boom, Belgium @ Tomorrowland
08/02/2019 – Atlanta, GA, USA @ Marquis Midtown District
08/03/2019 – Calgary, Canada @ Chasing Summer Festival
08/04/2019 – Toronto Canada @ Downsview Park
08/17/2019 – Hollywood, CA, USA @ Sound Presents CID
08/24/2019 – Nurburg, Germany @ New Horizons Festival
08/30/2019 – Bali, Indonesia @ Sky Garden Bali
08/31/2019 – Singapore, Singapore @ Ce La Vi
09/07/2019 – Kansas City, KS, USA @ Dancefestopia Festival
09/13/2019 – Boston, MA, USA @ The Grand Boston
09/14/2019 – Washington DC, USA @ Flash
09/25/2019 – Chico, CA, USA @ Senator Theater
09/26/2019 – Santa Cruz, CA, USA @ The Catalyst Nightclub
09/27/2019 – Oakland, CA, USA @ Fox Theater
10/10/2019 – Portland, OR, USA @ Roseland Theater

You can listen to CID and stay updated with all things Night Service Only by tuning in to his radio show on SiriusXM’s Diplo’s Revolution every Tuesday at 8:00 PM EST.

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