CLAPTONE To Release Sophomore Album FANTAST

Something to think about, how do these anonymous and no public face artist make this much of a sound? well with Claptone, it’s all behind a shadowed mythical mystery, but it can be easily said that his electronic innards roll with fine authority. It has been two years and Claptone is on the release of his second artist album, FANTAST. When mother nature and truth speak to you, an impeccable light shines through you and that was this album for Claptone.  He aims to connect deeply with others through the depth of music and likely enough what you have before you is the path to the soul. “FANTAST” is an album of joyous collaborations such as Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke, Blaenavon, Tender, Jones, Zola Blood, Austra’s Katie Stelmanis, The Boxer Rebellion’s Nathan Nicholson, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Joan as a Policewoman and Matt Simons.

On the first single “In the Night’ ft Ben Duffy, a never before heard and felt, side of Claptone, filters through the audio waves.  The mythical character invites you to a deeper look into its being.  As you absorb the performance, the soul, and nocturnal essence take you to new horizons. It is the prophecy that the discovery in Ireland is the unveiling of this new album FANTAST (out June 8th). The thunder and lighting have arrived and this top player in the league has done it. Keeping up with the race and landing nicely throughout the EDM grassland, Claptone has graced the stage of countless festivals and cities.  Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris, Melbourne, Barcelona and New York. Festivals like Tomorrowland, Melt Festival, Elrow at Amnesia Ibiza, and Green Valley in Brazil.

As you await the release of the entire album you can bear witness the mesmeric live show of Claptone’, where he presents his ‘The Masquerade’ event. During his North American tour, the character of imagination and fantastical avant-guard will be taking it a step further and grasping you underneath part of the maroon vale. New year, new material, same ole good energy, and art. Claptone the mystical mystery of electronic savor derives “FANTAST”.

North American Live Tour Dates
2/2 –  Boston, MA – Bijou
2/4 – St. Cloud, FL – Dirtybird Campout
2/16 – San Francisco, CA –  Public Works
3/9 – Dallas, TX – It’ll Do
3/10  – Houston, TX –  Stereo Live Houston
3/23 – Miami, FL – Trade
3/24 – Los Angeles, CA – Exchange
4/6 –  Philadelphia, PA –  Coda
4/7 – Washington, DC – U Street Music Hall
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Watch the “In the Night” Invasion stunt, here.
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Pre-save Fantast, here.
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