CloZee Releases Hypnotizing Music Video for “Spiral”


CloZee releases yet another enchanting music video off her new album Evasion, this one for her hit song “Spiral”. The music video starts off with a woman in a boxing gym, looking determined as she prepares for the ring. Then it flashes to another stunning woman, decked head to toe in tattoos, getting ready for a night out. CloZee’s lovely melody and video once again tells us a captivating narrative. This time where two women, from completely different worlds and lifestyles, are brought together by music.

Music Video Breakdown

The first woman is a boxer, determined, strong, but delicate. She takes her time, is contemplative. Meticulous. On the flip side the second woman preparing for a night out, she is confident and poised. She is planning to enjoy herself tonight and there is a confidence in her stride down the dark city streets. She is ambitious. When the two find themselves at the same club and lock eyes, CloZee’s melody slows down to reveal a connection between the two of them. The two women smile at each other, grab hands, and go walking out of the club. Leaving the viewers to wonder what will happen next.

The video, directed by Cedric Gleyal of Uriprod, did a fantastic job of coupling imagery with CloZee’s song to portray the symbolic unification of people through music. The video does an amazing job of showing the depth these women have, and in general, all humans. We are so unique, each with our own passions, desires, and goals. Music is a way for people from all walks of life to come together. The video compliments the spiritual energy of “Spiral” and really CloZee.


French indie-electronic producer and composer CloZee, career is skyrocketing after the success of her album release Evasion. She uses a mixture of instruments and vibrating melodies to captivate her listeners. Each song on the album, including “Spiral”,  pairs different cultural sounds, making each song structurally unique. This entire album’s goal is to represent music is a language we can all understand.

To learn more about CloZee and see more music videos off her album Evasion check out the article “Evasion

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