Codes Releases “Pleasure” EP [STMPD Records]

The EP ‘Pleasure’ released today on STMPD records. This EP comes to us from Codes, a producer consistently bringing unique sounds to house, jungle, and breakbeats. Available now on streaming platforms.

Martin Garrix said from the start STMPD RCRDS will be a label characterized by its diversity and freedom of genres and styles. Garrix proves to be true to his word after releasing everything from big room house to hip-hop, to electronic pop. He now brings the label into the world of house and tech house with a 3-track EP from Codes.

The title track “Pleasure is techno-influenced with punchy, tight beats and hollow bass tones. Pitched down vocals increase the mood. Also, hyped-up effects and atonal rhythmic elements add manic energy.

“Reality Music” gently pumps with rolling deep house. Warm sub bass lies perfectly under the shuffling, percolating beat. Also, an arrangement led by hazy resampled chords that recall early ‘intelligent’ jungle. Finally, we see more clear jungle references abound in the breakdown of the track.

Credit: Codes Facebook
Credit: Codes Facebook

“Tap That A**” begins with a simple cymbal/hi-hat beat and drives to a kicking break. Weaving their way round thumping kicks and spicy hats, sirens wail in the background. Then, the vocals shimmer through stereo delays and reverbs. Finally, the whole affair is a pleasingly maniacal romp.

Subsequently, this track is a stand out in House sound, obeying the sounds of the “two-step” beat and commanding all listeners to move.

About Codes

Codes recently came in the Beatport House Top 10 with his SOS EP

Also, a tour accompanies the release of this EP, kicking off in Montreal at Newspeak on Dec. 15. You can find out where the Pleasure Tour is going next by visiting Code’s website.  Currently, Codes is still booking tour dates beyond Dec. 15, which have yet to be announced. Finally, on the evidence of this EP, he is clearly a producer who can master any genre he puts his hands to. With Tommie Sunshine stating the EP is ‘SOLID’ and Anna Lunoe saying it’s ‘awesome’, this EP is off to a good start.

Codes ‘Pleasure EP’ is now available via STMPD RCRDS.

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