“Cold Shoulder” by Electric Polar Bears Feat. Katie Sky

"Cold Shoulder" is a song that brings out summer vibes during the last several weeks of winter.

Last month, Electric Polar Bears kicked off 2022 with their latest track, “Cold Shoulder”. Electric Polar Bears‘ “Cold Shoulder” features singer/songwriter Katie Sky. The pop-dance track, which contains diverse and colorful melodies, marks Electric Polar Bears’ first single of 2022 after having a fantastic 2021. Fans can now stream “Cold Shoulder” on all streaming platforms. Readers can listen to the track below while reading this article as well.

Electric Polar Bears, the guys behind “Cold Shoulder”

The masked boys of Electric Polar Bears are continuing to make waves in the dance scene following their massive release of over 10 original tracks and remix packs over the course of 2021. These tracks include, Back 2 You ft. Tyler Graves,Melting ft. Paris Hilton and You Never Knowa collaboration with tyDi. Now, EPB started off 2022 with an upbeat pop-dance track featuring Katie Sky (known for her singles such as “Monsters” and “Real Word”).

“Cold Shoulder” is a dreamy, uniquely anthemic track that tells the tale of an off and on again love relationship. This track will surely bring out every kind of emotion whenever someone listens to it. Katie Sky’s emotive vocals shine through the infectious and melodic beats. It is a song that will bring all the summer vibes during the last several weeks of winter.

Katie Sky’s words about the track

“I loved writing this one – I knew the boys [EBP] always like getting something about Ice or Snow in their songs because they are the polar bears, of course haha! So when I came up with the ‘Cold Shoulder’ song title, I knew that was what I wanted to create the song around. It’s about one of those love/hate relationships where both people have strong personalities and clash continually. Sometimes we can chase the drama and arguments and mistake it for passion, maybe just to make life more interesting”.

Katie Sky describes how work was conducted on “Cold Shoulder”.

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