Connor Bvrns’ Debut Single “Anthem”

Rising Producer Connor Bvrns Releases Debut Single

19-year-old producer Connor Bvrns (last name is “Burns”) has great potential to become one of the top electronic music producers. Connor has a special ability to produce tracks through a unique sonic perspective that sets him apart from many producers. Connor has a condition called Central Auditory Processing Disorder, which was challenging for him to receive sound during his childhood. However, Connor’s condition actually enhanced his musical creativity as he paid close attention to his surroundings and the accompanying sounds. Connor later developed “synesthesia“, a talent which allows him to see/hear colors that can identify the perfect pitch.

Connor wanted to produce music after he was inspired by the EDM shows he experienced at his family’s concert venue, Park City Live, in Park City, Utah. One artist Connor saw was Skrillex and Skrillex’s ability to influence fans musically would lead to Connor creating original tracks that are based on his own observations. Connor Bvrns continued honing his skills over the past six years that he incorporates into his current, trademark musical style. In 2018, Connor toured with Jauz in 19 North American cities and last year, he signed onto Astralwerks. Connor Bvrns’ debut single is titled “Anthem”, featuring Swedish vocalist BONN, and here is a quick review of the single. The single was released on Friday, January 19, 2020.

Thoughts on “Anthem”

The beginning of “Anthem” has tranquil piano notes produced by Connor, accompanied by the soulful vocals of BONN. The tempo steadily increased when the drum beats appeared and the drop gave way to the energetic loops. BONN’s vocals became bolder towards the climax of “Anthem”. The music video for “Anthem” combined top-quality professional video production that showed Connor playing the piano in the desert with a retro-like homemade recording style that showed him walking in a forest and on the plains.

To conclude, “Anthem” is a track that serves to motivate people in personal relationship situations they’re currently dealing with. Being in complicated relationships puts a strain on both parties, especially if one person is unwilling to work things out. The theme of “Anthem” is allowing people to work with their significant others in a two-sided manner where both parties can comfortably (and truthfully) share with each other their prior relationship concerns. That way, the pain and troubles that both parties once had will disappear as they continue working on their relationship by always listening to one another.

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