Conrank's New EP Release, 'Distorted Method'

Conrank delivers his new EP, Distorted Method.

An artist of Circus Records, Conrank, releases his new EP, Distorted Method. The EP consists of five tracks that falls right into the bass community and is kicking off a huge year for Conrank. Recently, he has been on his ‘Inbetween Tour’ for the past three months. Coming to an end, he’ll be performing a legendary debut performance at EDC Las Vegas.

Distorted Method

Talk about drum n’ bass mixed with the perfect amount of grime and all of a sudden Distorted Method is here. “On Your Mind” opens up the EP as the longest track hitting almost six minutes. The melodic beginning dives right into the bass Conrank’s known for. As the track takes the listeners on a journey, it leads into “Lose The Plot.” A distorted mix that drops right into the grime all the bass heads are looking for.

“Inbetween” is a huge track on the EP featuring the vocals of Ami Carmine. As she sings, “Blinded by ecstasy. As we lose ourselves in between, you’ve got, you’ve got me crazy.” The track adds a hint of dance, feel-good music combining the perfect amount of crazy energy in addition to major dubstep drops. Next, “Talk About” adds a twist to the EP. The track takes a move through Conrank’s emotions with a gentle and melodic changeup.

Concluding the EP, “Dun Dun” brings all the heat. The trippy, glitchy track is guaranteed to wake up his fans at any performance he has in store this year.



A producer and DJ, Conrank was born and raised in the UK. He is currently an official artist on Circus Records but only after taking a journey through a few other places such as London and Shanghai. Conrank first began his performance career as a beatboxer in London. After, he switched his career towards being an artist and producer. After Shanghai and London, Conrank relocated to Los Angeles in early 2017.

Launching him across the globe, his career has allowed him to perform at some of the biggest events with artists like Skrillex and Dirt Monkey. Distorted Method is just the beginning of the madness and success he is about to achieve this year.


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