Conrank releases “Set It Off” & “Vitamin C”

Conrank releases “Set It Off” & “Vitamin C.”

Seeing off 2016 in style, Conrank performed alongside the legendary Skrillex on Boiler Room – Asia, which accumulated over 4 million streams worldwide; nicely setting the scene for 2017, the year that has proven to host Conrank’s big move. Bursting into the year with “Future  Forward” – described by Magnetic Magazine as “genre-defying.” Conrank has continued to develop his idiosyncratically British sound – a sound rooted in UK grime, dubstep, and dnb, but somehow manages to sound entirely fresh.

Circus Records and Conrank are excited to announce the release of two new killer tracks. In the form of “Set It Off” feat. Killa Kela and “Vitamin C” feat. Goldfinger. He might now call L.A. his home, but his sound is still planted firmly in the UK. Which is accentuated by collabs with  Manchester  M.C., Goldfinger of Virus Syndicate, and London legend, Killa Kela. His previous Circus Records releases, “Don’t Make Sense” / “Hyper Sound” and “Pull Out The Laser” / “Smash That,” introduced us to his grime-laced bass nastiness. With this new two-tracker, he has firmly cemented himself as a producer. He has come into his own with a distinct and unmistakable sound. These new releases come midst his Big Smoke Fall Tour of the US.

His Sound

Conrank uses a unique sound that is as if someone were listening to their radio in space. Conrank throws in sounds that are new to people which have them all feeling as if they were sitting in a new dimension. It leaves them all craving for more of these wonky tunes. Although there is no indication of future tours for him yet. He’s proving to his fans that he is still very busy at work with these latest releases and more to come. The end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 is sure to see something big from Conrank.

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