“Contra El Mundo” Is a Dance Hit by Omar Basaad

This beautifully composed track proves his talent!

With over a decade’s worth of releases under his belt, Omar Basaad is a pioneer of the EDM scene. Omar Basaad was the first Saudi DJ to perform at Tomorrowland and Creamfields. He was also the first to release an Arabic dubstep track, setting him up to be a trailblazer in the future. Furthermore, on August 3, he released his latest single “Contra El Mundo” with Baad Bad.

The subtle ringing of bells and a soft, textured vocal characterize make up the beginning of the track. The Latin-influenced tune is rife with emotion and energy, with a touch of middle eastern flair. The four-on-the-floor beat and overall alluring sonic space truly set this release apart from much of Basaad’s earlier work, exploring worldly musical genres with ease.

Omar Basaad’s words on “Contra El Mundo”

Music has always been universal, and when it comes to music, language isn’t the barrier, it’s the opposite…it connects people. We’ve seen this in a lot of songs from K-POP to Latin music, where we simply enjoy the art of music and different cultures. I genuinely believe that music provides an excellent opportunity to cross cultures. I really enjoy this song…different cultures always inspire me.

Omar Basaad

“Contra El Mundo is sure to be a fan-favorite in no time. Basaad’s newfound pivot toward a more dynamically all-encompassing sound is enthralling. It’ll leave the listener wanting more from the dance music talent.

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