Contra Scandal Unleashes ‘Full Circle’ Album

Denver-based producer and violinist Contra Scandal unveils a stimulating 10-track album titled Full Circle, released via Gravitas Recordings.

Erza Arenson, known by his stage name Contra Scandal, delved into music at the age of four while learning violin. With nearly a decade of production experience under his belt and years later, he emerges with a stunning full-length album that combines his violin and production experience to a whole new level.

Contra Scandal takes us Full Circle across his talents

Appropriately titled, “Immersion” sticks out as the introduction to Contra Scandal’s soundscape into Full Circle with its striking basslines sending listeners into the deep end of the producer’s carefully created atmosphere. “Escapade” takes on a new meaning as Contra Scandal lures listeners into the mesmerizing lull of his violin before the song explodes into a grove of undulating basslines thick enough to be felt in the air.

Moving forward, “Mile High Livin'” brings out elements of old-school rap alongside liquid wobbles as the lyrics describe a thriving Colorado nightlife. While the album progresses, “A Calling” surfaces with cinematic qualities. The song erupts with bad-ass, heavy beats, offering a low interlude of a guitar and spellbinding vocals to unearth Contra Scandal’s childhood experiences in Kings Mountain, California.

As the half-way point for the album, Contral Scandal switches gears in “Snake Charmer” elicits an eerie ode. Spirah joins Contral Scandal as the vocal talent in “Hard Way.” The song echoes with an otherworldly performance from Spirah, while Contra Scandal generates the reflective qualities in his production. Meanwhile, the eponymous “Full Circle” touts a glassy and mesmerizing violin performance before going full throttle.

“Rebel” takes on a gentler tone in the album, stretching out with a rounded bass. Furthermore, “The Remaining Light” suitably commandeers the journey for listeners to unwind. Morillo takes his space on the album, returning to “Mile High Livin'” for a lively remix.

Contra Scandal’s Full Circle is imbued with cinematic elements, taking listeners across a ride where each stop is representative of a global sound. The album blazes forward with a memorable sound, the finest Contra Scandal has offered yet.

Check out the album below, or give it a listen through your preferred music platform.

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