Cosmic Gate and JES team up for “Fall Into You” Music Video

“Fall Into You” Official Music Video + ‘Materia’ Release

Cosmic Gate and JES have come together for singles over the years more than once, and their newest collaboration is another great example of the diversity of trance and EDM music. Cosmic Gate is an OG name in the dance music industry and has been cranking out hits since releasing their first album all the way back in 2001. Over the last few years, they have gotten together with JES to collaborate for, “Flying Blind” in 2012 and “Yai (Here We Go Again)” in 2015. “Fall Into You,” is a single that shows a combination of melodic house and trance, utilizing both Cosmic Gate’s expertise in EDM and JES’ lyrical and songwriting experience. They just completed a video to go along with the song featuring JES herself.

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About the Track/Video

The song starts off slowly with a quiet bassline and samples underneath JES’ lyrics. Then, Cosmic Gate brings you into the track further by building on layers; slowly at the beginning. What starts with just synth and a basic piano sample, adds layers of drums, and a much more sophisticated beat right into the drop. Coming back to their roots, the song transitions out of the melodic intro and hits you with a strong trance drop that is classic Cosmic Gate. Showing their expertise, they never overpower the lyrics of JES, and constantly feel like they are working together. Cosmic Gate’s recent album, ‘Materia’, has provided a few bangers and hits and surely this track falls into the mold. “Fall Into You” currently has more than 3 million Spotify streams.

The actual video is quite simplistic, showing JES singing, alone in a dark black setting. As the song builds and builds, you can see a storm building in the background. After seeing JES in several yoga/stretching poses, the beat drops, and the storm erupts around her as her movements and actions become more erratic and broken, before the song calms down and JES goes back to singing in the dark setting again.  The video does a great job showing the difference between the moods of both the melodic parts of the song and the trance drop.

Cosmic Gate and JES release "Fall Into You"
Courtesy of Cosmic Gate’s Facebook.

The duo will spend NYE in Charlotte at the World Night Club. They will then continue on through January 2018 with stops in Philadelphia, New York, and Miami. To purchase tickets, click here.

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