Cosmic Gate: Materia Chapter.Two

Since the release of its first Chapter at the start of the year, ‘Materia’ – Cosmic Gate’s newest LP – has been rocking blocks & wowing crowds all over. Throughout the project, Nic & Bossi – the duo behind Cosmic Gate – have dug deep to musically define the very essence (or ‘materia’) of their music. They sum up that essence up again, with the concluding Chapter to Materia, Chapter.Two.

Chapter.Two’s vanguard singles include ‘Tonight’, the tech-tipped Markus Schulz collab ‘AR’, and ‘Bigger Than We Are’. They have paved Chapter.Two’s summer-long road to release. These singles are now joined by six new, never-heard-before Cosmic creations.

Cosmic Gate performing at the Rupublik in Honolulu; Photo Credit: Peter Chiapperino

There’s the collab with Super8 & Tab, ‘Noom’, which is filled with cyber-synth futurism. Another collaboration on this Chapter is ‘No Strings Attached’, which saw Cosmic Gate team up with Arnej.

Song-based collaborations are in no short supply either, with new music formed around many a prominent voice. Making not one, but two appearances on the album, JES shines brighter than ever in ‘If Not Now’ and Materia’s title track. The acidic bubble and radiating synths of ‘Someday’ marks a Chapter.Two recall for Alastor too, while ‘Sparks After The Sunset’ singer Sarah Lynn channels her soul into ‘Folded Wings’.

Physical Copy of ‘Materia’ Chapter One and Two; Photo Credit:

Appetites whetted? Anticipation peaked? Then, wait no more! The second Chapter of Cosmic Gate’s 2017 album project is out, about, and ready to musically carry you through to the end of the year. Grab it at the link here.

For fans wanting to get physical with Cosmic Gate’s two ‘Materia’ Chapters, your time is also now. A double CD edition of the album has been released, which contains all the tracks from both chapters. You can get that here.

Deluxe Edition of Materia; Photo Credit:

And if all of that isn’t quite enough to satisfy a Cosmologist’s deepest needs, Nic & Bossi have also assembled a beyond-deluxe, limited edition criterion version of ‘Materia’. The package includes the double CD, a 12″ vinyl of ‘am2pm’ and the tenacious ‘No Strings Attached’, a Cosmic Gate flag and ‘Materia’ poster, along with a set of black and white wristbands. Limited to just 500 numbered & signed units, you can pin yours down now through here.

Cosmic Gate: ‘Materia – Chapter Two’ tracklist:

  1. Cosmic Gate & JES – Materia
  2. Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt – Tonight
  3. Cosmic Gate & Super8 & Tab – Noom
  4. Cosmic Gate & Eric Lumiere – Bigger Than We Are
  5. Cosmic Gate & Markus Schulz – AR
  6. Cosmic Gate & Alastor – Someday
  7. Cosmic Gate & JES – If Not Now
  8. Cosmic Gate & Sarah Lynn – Folded Wings
  9. Cosmic Gate & Arnej – No Strings Attached
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