Listen to Cristoph’s New Epic on Pryda Presents: “Voice of Silence”

Prog house wunderkind Cristoph is back with “Voice of Silence,” one of the most anticipated tracks of the year. Ever since his last release, “Epoch” on Eric Prydz‘ ever-so-selective imprint Pryda Presents, the world has been on pins and needles waiting for his next offering.

This will be Cristoph’s third release on Pryda Presents. Other than his productions, there is only one other track on the label, which was produced by Tonja Holma; one of Prydz’ many aliases. Such exclusivity is rare in any branch of music, but in this case, it is well deserved for Cristoph.

Like all of his other works, “Voice of Silence” represents this musician’s intimate knowledge of composition. Every sound serves a purpose towards the larger whole, yet they remain independent. Grueling bass lines and dissonant arpeggios juxtapose against warm vocal harmonies creating a fleeting balance; a fitting metaphor for silence.

“Voice of Silence” is now available everywhere on Pryda Presents. Listen to the full track below and check out the second track “Vanquish“, which was released as a Beatport exclusive.

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