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What do Australia and music have in common? Sexiness. Who doesn’t love an Australian accent? Better yet… who doesn’t love three Australian accents delivering killer tunes and hope to the music world? If you don’t, get out. If you do, stay here with me because you’ll want to hear the new album by Crooked Colours – Vera. Your Spotify playlist should start to resemble Australian music because the talent that is erupting onto mainstream is unreal… but if you’re like me, you already have heard the boys on ‘The Australian Sound’ Spotify playlist.

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Although Australia Day has passed and Vera didn’t have the chance to reach Triple J’s Hottest 100, the new album by Crooked Colours should break into your top 100 favorites. Perhaps, you can make them your hottest 100 and help them make Australia Day celebrations in 2018. This album took 18 months labour of love, beer, blood, sweat, and tears. Okay, maybe not the blood and sweat, but I’m sure there were some beers in there somewhere.

Crooked Colours Fan Love

If you like Milky Chance, The Lumineers, Vance Joy, or RUFUS then you’ll love Crooked Colours. Blending together indie and electronica, Crooked makes you feel emotions you didn’t even know you had. After all, music is all about connecting and feeling emotions. Aside from the number one emotion felt for me, elation, it’s a breath of fresh air in an industry that is filled with the same sound any station you switch on. How many times do we have to hear that you ‘don’t care’ and that ‘you love it’? Too many times. However, when Vera hits your ears you want to care. You don’t want to switch off, rather you want to tune in and zone the outside world out.

Crooked Colours - Album Release

As you listen to Vera you’ll notice that the album is impressively diverse. It’s not the same sound every track you listen through, rather it’s a story of different emotions. From ‘Plymouth’ you feel a high, but from Phil’s sultry voice caressing your ears from ‘Flow’ you feel grounded. I’m telling you, nothing is sexier than an Australian with the voice of an angel. Altogether, the boys have delivered in every sense showcasing their ability of textualism. It takes true talent and artistic inclinations to be able to deliver such a unique blend of indie and electronica whilst maintaining an album that is complete rather than just tracks.


If you’re down under and want to feel the emotion in a person, Crooked Colours is doing a tour around Australia in August and throughout Europe in the following months thereafter. However, if Uncle Sam is your homeland, you’ll have to wait for tour date announcements.


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