Crystal Skies’ “Lullaby” is For a Good Cause

"Lullaby" is a collaborative work by Crystal Skies and Luma that has royalties and stream donations go to charitable organizations

Crystal Skies is a melodic bass music duo who produces dynamic tracks that instantly enhance every setting. The team comprise of Louisiana native Britian Holcomb and Philadelphia-based Aaron Dawson. Their style of melodic bass merges perfectly with an innovative dubstep sound. They recently worked alongside young Nashville-based singer-songwriter and producer Luma in releasing “Lullaby”. “Lullaby” serves as a powerful voice by Crystal Skies and Luma to speak out against racial injustice and systemic racism.

The emotional and powerful sound of “Lullaby”

Before “Lullaby” was released, Crystal Skies released a statement on their Instagram account that spoke out about the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. In their post, the duo addressed the problems of constant police brutality, social anarchy, and destruction of POC-owned businesses. “Lullaby” contains the passionate vocals of Luma that mixed perfectly with Crystal Skies’ guitar melodies and beat drops. Although this track can get everyone up on their feet instantly, it should also let people think about the current problems that are currently affecting today’s global society.

Crystal Skies
Photo Credit: Crystal Skies

“Lullaby” lends a helping hand to local communities

Crystal Skies and Luma debuted “Lullaby” during a charity livestream they created on Twitch. In fact, the charity livestream’s title was “Make A Track In A Day: A Charity Stream For Racial Injustice”. The livestream took place on June 20 and its main objective was donating 100% of the stream donations, alongside the royalties of “Lullaby”, to national and local organizations supporting victims of police brutality and racial injustice and promoting police reform and accountability.

Those organizations include the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Communities United Against Police Brutalities, and other BLM-related charities. The Ophelia Records label also partnered up with Crystal Skies in donating the royalties as well. “Lullaby” is still available to download and stream on various streaming platforms. Also check out One EDM’s interview with Crystal Skies before their November 30th show in San Francisco.

Photo Credit: Luma

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