Cute Boys – “Stay” (Cute Boys Remix)

I have expressed my love for NYC producer/DJ Cute Boys on Twitter many times before. I just can’t help but obsess over something new and cool, and that’s exactly what she serves with her latest mix! Recently, I’ve been really into her remixes. They are a mix of PC music, night-core and even a touch of Jersey Club. I think she does a very good job of staying in her own lane and turning the uniqueness up to a ten! Almost never does her remix play along with the original, it’s always totally different and dare I even say it, better than the originals? Maybe not better but totally beyond GREAT in her own way and I truly mean that.

Today Cute Boys dropped a new mix to Zedd’s recent hit “Stay” which features Alessia Cara. This remix makes Cara sound nearly unrecognizable- I personally love her vocals but it’s cool to hear her voice seasoned with a little helium. Obviously, she’s a great singer, but it’s so nice to hear someone use their mixing skills effectively rather than trying to make something out of nothing. You can hear the difference for sure. The mix features all the great catchy lyrics of the original but adds some favorable squeaks, a few breakdowns (not just one), and tying it all together for a big huge finish. I’m hooked on this NYC native and can’t wait to see what else is in store for us. Check it out!




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