CYBRPNK Feat. Sullivan King Releases Heavy Metal ‘MSHPT’

Headbangers ignite with CYBRPNK’s ‘MSHPT’ Feat. Sullivan King

Out now on Kannibalen Records, is an original single by CYBRPNK featuring metal head producer/rocker Sullivan King. ‘MSHPT‘ is a vicious, heavy dubstep track with a midsection live-instrumental breakdown that will give any heavy metal song a run for its money. Click here to listen.

“He starts up a vicious ‘MSHPT‘ with the metal head Sullivan King. Together they bring enough amplified bass to the table to turn a whole crowd into a mosh pit. Neither of these bass beasts hold anything back, making ‘MSHPT‘ one of the most ferocious songs of the year.” – Kannibalen Records

CYBRPNK Featuring Sullivan King release MSHPT
CYBRPNK Ft. Sullivan King ‘MSHPT’

Track Analysis

MSHPT‘ opens with a ferocious scream like something off a Slipknot album. Heavy metal guitar riffs and double-kick drums of the talented Sullivan King take off, leaving no room to rest. As the momentum and tempo gains, nothing is left to do but let loose and get nasty. Headbangers unite!


Hailing from “Hell Paso” TX, DJ/Producer CYBRPNK is beginning to make waves across the electronic music scene. With remixes of Black Tiger Sex Machine‘s ‘Face Down‘ and numerous collaboration tracks with Riot Ten, it is only onward and upward for this artist.

Find CYBRPNK on Facebook and other social media including Instagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud.

CYBRPNK releases MSHPT with Sullivan King
Credit: CYBRPNK Facebook


“Keaton Prescott, the multi­-instrumentalist known as Sullivan King, retains one steel-­toed boot in a face­splitting grind of chugging guitars and double-bass kick drums, and the other atop a DJ table. The producer’s music machetes a path between the clarity and precision of electronic music and the angst of heavy metal, making his live shows one of the few places where kandi­-coated ravers and metalheads mingle.

His innovative sound required him to invent new ways of playing. With the help of modern technology, he’s able to write, arrange and perform every instrument found in a traditional four-­piece band. Live, he does it all with just a guitar, a microphone and a pair of CDJs. He stands at the collision of two competing worlds. If DJs are today’s rock stars, then Sullivan King is forging his own rock galaxy.” – LA Weekly

Find Sullivan King on Facebook, and other social media like Spotify, Twitter, and SoundCloud.

CYBRPNK releases MSHPT with Sullivan King
Credit: Sullivan King Facebook

Click here to read OneEDM’s review of Sullivan King’s performance and others at this year’s 2017 Lost Lands Music Festival! In addition, DJ/Drummer KJ Sawka and Sullivan King released a ‘Road To Lost Lands’ mix in anticipation of the 2017 Lost Lands festival, which you can listen to here!

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