DADA LIFE Releases Single “We Want Your Soul”

Dada Life releases their new single We Want Your Soul. Known for their life experiences, music in the dance world and production plug-ins, the duo consists of Olof Corneer and Stefan Engblom. The new single consist of hard-hitting house beats and killer lyrics that are all about taking control. The track makes it clear that Dada Life knows how to bring in their audience and leave them wanting more. Corneer and Stefan capture the song title perfectly with the beats and lyrics by doing exactly what it says. The single takes your soul and causes any fan to move and groove. The sick beats make it hard to sit still.

New Studio Album

Dada Life is preparing a new studio album in 2018 made-up of original material, making this a big year for the DJ group. The two have not released a full-length album since 2012, which hit top-5 in the “Billboard’s Dance/Electric Albums” and “Heatseekers Albums” charts. Dada Life also blessed us with “Feed the Dada” and “Kick Out the Epic Motherf**ker,” two hits that are platinum sellers.


World Tour and Champagne

Dada Life will be seeing the world on an upcoming tour, with more information to come in the next few months. “Dreamhack”, the world’s largest digital festival, is excited to have Dada Life headlining on December 2.

The duo also announced their “DADA LIFE CHAMPAGNE”, a champagne they personally made and released in their name. Exclusively covered by, there is nothing like this DADA bubbly.

Dada Life is leaving their musical imprint everywhere and nobody is complaining.


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