Dana Williams Shines on Melvv’s Springy New Track “Lifeline”

In electronic music, there is a deep under-appreciation for the female vocalists who bring an ethereal beauty to otherwise straightforward hits. LA-based singer-songwriter Dana Williams truly shines on the springy new Melvv track “Lifeline“. The song was released last month but is rapidly gaining attention, especially with Melvv’s Summer Camp Festival set quickly approaching.

The track has a percussive, almost island-inspired feel. The bouncy, upbeat yet mid-tempo track takes musical inspiration from both pop and R+B. This serves as an excellent backdrop for Dana William’s breathy, quickly delivered vocals. She has a music box-like, feminine, and lighthearted delivery that is not as theatrical as other female vocalists featured in dance music.


“Lifeline” is less of a banger, but more of a remix ready and highly listenable spring meets summer track. I would love to hear an acoustic version like we just heard from Delaney Jane and Grandtheft in their new “Easy Go” video. It’s cute, charming, and features airy strings in all the right places. Watch out for a variety of remixes of this hit on this summer’s festival circuit and we will be sure to bring them to you first.

Liz Peña

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