Daniel Stefanik – Deep Inside (Original Mix) [Moon Harbour]

Having released on an infamous label such as Cocoon and also being a mainstay at Moon Harbour recordings, Daniel Stefanik has proven himself a well-seasoned producer. Today, Daniel Stefanik is back on the illustrious Moon Harbour label, bringing us a nostalgia fueled release with “Deep Inside”.

Originally starting out as an edit, “Deep Inside” effectively uses the sample of the legendary 90’s house classic, Hardrive’s “Deep Inside”, and invigorates the iconic hook bringing it to a new generation. The track is sure to light up the dance floor, with a hypnotic beat and high energy bassline. With growling bass, a heavy room-filling clap and the right amount of white noise, it’s a great track to get any crowd dancing.

Alongside the title track, the vinyl pressing also comes with an exclusive B-side, “Another Year”, which supplies a fresh beat with frequent vocal squeal samples to bring an almost disco-esque feel to the release. The track maintains a nice consistency throughout with a darker transitional build-up. The old-style, almost wailing, synth grooves really make the track into a very magnetic addition to the release.

These tracks are sure to make their way into high profile sets this summer. Any house classics aficionado should appreciate what Stefanik has done with this release. Whether you are in a committed relationship to commercial house, underground house, or anything in between, these tracks are sure to evoke something deep inside of you.

You can purchase the title track on Beatport here, or you can purchase the exclusive vinyl release here. If you are interested in Daniel Stefanik’s work and want to hear more of his discography, you can visit his Facebook, Soundcloud, and twitter links which are listed below. You can also check out the rest of the Moon Harbour catalog to indulge in tracks similar to this style.





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