Datsik Teases ‘Master of Shadows’ EP With “Warriors of the Night”

Datsik To Release ‘Master of Shadows’ EP Next Week

Datsik announces 'Master of Shadows' EP out January 12, 2018.
Album artwork for Datsik’s upcoming ‘Master of Shadows’ EP.

Firepower Records is about to set the entire year of 2018 on fire with Datsik’s new EP, ‘Master of Shadows’, which will drop January 12th, the same day as the first show of Datsik’s massive 55+ date Ninja Nation Tour. This time, these next-generation bass bombs are designed to shock and awe your whole reality into an entirely new plane of existence. Despite a rigorous show schedule interspersed with 18-hour workdays in the studio, Datsik has created what could be his finest piece of work to date. Troy Beetles aka Datsik has an uncanny ability to identify and cultivate talent. This EP has some of the industry’s most innovative and productive minds collaborating on what promises to be an instant classic.

Click here or scroll below to hear the first single released from the upcoming EP, a collaboration track with Virtual Riot, “Warriors of the Night”.


“Pressure Plates”, the first track of the EP, is a triumphant, beautiful, and uplifting track balanced expertly with a powerful bass line and the signature wobbles that makes a Datsik tune so immediately recognizable. “Pressure Plates” is a peak hour weapon and is designed to leave crowds melted into puddles on dance floors.

There are a few producers whom Beetles is observably in awe of. One of them is Virtual Riot. Last year, Virtual Riot joined Datsik’s ‘Ninja Nation Tour’ and was often spotted providing free production tutorials on his laptop for any who would listen. Rumors about his ability to produce a tune on the road and then play it out that night increased the developing mythology surrounding him. Therefore, when Troy began to tease a massive collaborative project, the bass community went haywire.

“Warriors of the Night” and “Freakuency” are those tunes, and they are as sinister and pulverizing as you can imagine. The tracks bring forth a few of the motifs pervasive in both the artist’s work, the Ninja, and the customs surrounding this secretive warrior and mosh pit-inducing buzzsaw synth engineering. Samplings of traditional Japanese instrumentation create eerie and distant tones, but when the Riddim-inspired bass drops, it’s an all-out assault on your psychic core.

Blending Genres

Datsik’s ability to merge the Rap and Dubstep world is the cultivation of a legend. This EP reinforces that claim. Two tracks, “Bad Behavior” and “You’ve Changed” feature show-stopping Rap lyricism, and both are festival ready. For “Bad  Behavior”, Datsik teams up with Ganja White Night and lyricist Rabb, and this particularly lethal combination is a monster that’s dead set on ripping your sanity apart. A big, bouncy bass line rolls underneath a generous sampling of Ganja White Night’s phenomenal production potential. Scorching synth stabs ignite the tune and T Rabb’s lyricism brings it to a white-hot heat.

In addition, Ganja White Night has been making a steady rise through the industry. Their tactic, impressing promoters and talent buyers with their incredibly diligent work ethic and professionalism. To this end, it is no surprise Datsik brings GWN in for a collab.

The young Mech Hop King JPhelpz offers up his talents for “Ronin Riddim”, and by all means, the result is a satisfyingly crunchy romp through the Riddim equivalent of feudal Japan. JPhelpz has released prolifically with Firepower Records, and his skill has increased exponentially with each record. Datsik makes it clear with this tune that JPhelpz is ready to be a Ronin—a masterless samurai. The tune is heavy, perfected, precise, but it’s the clever mech sound that shines through this riddim heater.

Lastly, Datsik harnesses the power of Excision and Dion Timmer for a collab titled “Find Me” that is specially designed for headbanging. Might as well harness the potential energy of an exploding star, because this tune’s detonation will have lasting ripple effects across the dance music universe. The history Datsik and Excision share is legendary and well documented. Without a doubt, Dion Timmer’s fresh vision of this tune will be unstoppable.

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Datsik announces 'Master of Shadows' EP out January 12, 2018.
Datsik announces ‘Master of Shadows’ while preparing for Ninja Nation 2018 tour. Photo courtesy of Datsik’s Facebook.

Tracklist for ‘Master of Shadows’ 

  1. “Pressure Plates”
  2. “Warriors of the Night” w/ Virtual Riot
  3. “Bad Behavior” (featuring T Rabb) w/ Ganja White Night
  4. “Ronin Riddim” w/JPhelpz
  5. “You’ve Changed”
  6. “Freakuency” w/ Virtual Riot
  7. “Find Me” (featuring Excision & Dion Timmer)

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