David Scuba Contributes ‘Dimmidium’ to Desert Hearts Black

David Scuba, co-founder of the Superfreq record label, released ‘Dimmidium’ on Desert Hearts Black today, his first complete EP of the year. 

‘Dimmidium’ has already received support from the likes of John Digweed and beyond, capturing attention with two distinctive cuts. The two tracks highlighted on the EP are titled ‘Dimmidium’ and ‘Hot Jupiter’. ‘Dimmidium’ has more of a sinister feel to it. ‘Dimmidium’ elevated a gritty analog synthesis that makes the track perfect for any dance occasion. On the opposite end of the spectrum, ‘Hot Jupiter’ is an exciting, playful track that explores different sound effects and has a wider range to it. 

David Scuba is a longtime hero of the underground scene. He began his journey with Twilo and other revered New York institutions. With inspiration all around him, he decided to take up art of dance music himself, eventually coming to serve as A&R director for the likes of Timeless Groove and Real Music Deal. He is now heading Superfreq alongside co-founder Mr. C. From California, he continues to innovate the underground scene, playing with very renowned underground promoters. All the while bringing his talents outside the country to places like BPM, London’s Fabric, and more.

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