David Tort, Markem Yas Cepeda – Strangers ( feat, Ella Loponte)

David Tort is at it again revisiting his well known tribal, after hours sound. His new release “Strangers” brings us a potential summer anthem in collaboration with Markem and Yas Cepeda. This is a track with a smooth groove and a tropical vibe that makes another frozen daiquiri sound like an excellent idea.   

In this era it is rare to hear a recognizable instrument in a dance music production. The exotic sound of this track is grounded in Hispanic roots as it uses a simple guitar riff that takes music back to basics. The soothing melody, coming from pop culture’s long time favorite string instrument, is easily the star in this arrangement. Although this is true, music is no fun without attitude. Vocals by Ella Loponte, a woman with a thick and powerful accent, adds just that.
It wouldn’t be hard to imagine that this song was inspired by the growing tropical culture of the Caribbean during the mid 20th century.  The official Spinnin’ Records YouTube video seals the fact that this vibe is a time machine by pairing it with vintage visuals of the beaches of Florida. “Florida 1965” is displayed as the opening frame as clips begin to transition with a glitch style effect. Simplicity is the greatest sophistication, and this track is the proof.

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