Techno, The Funky Cat, and Free Music from Dead Stare

Beyond Techno with Dead Stare’s Release “Machine”

Certainly Techno and thus the perfect canvas for creating new music. So with any creative measure, we welcome innovation and the outcome is art. “Machine” has tricky beats and places them in some noise-like sounds that are, well, noise. If there was ever anything to say about this then know that it makes for a great listening experience. That is not the first time with this artist’s music, previously, wowing listeners with their collaboration on the single “SMGM” with First Gift.

Listen to this fantastic free release from the innovative Funky Cat label, below.

Track Review

“Machine” is rich with instrumentals. Rainsticks, perhaps. There is a sputtering metallic instrument in the mix. It ultimately breaks free of genre, but if there’s ever the need to assign it to a category Techno would be the term. After all, this track represents an interpretation of the genre with sonic stylings that are unique unto itself. Dead Stare has steady Techno tune that really stands out.

Defying Genre

Not that it is available on, but they have a selective menu which classifies user searches by genre. Among them “Left-field Techno” is descriptive of “Machine”.  That is a bit of a consumer-like approach to understanding music, and not a bad one. There’s always something new coming from the music producing world and Dead Stare has done it again.

Innovations in Music

Furthermore, the release is free from The Funky Cat Label. This inspirational label seeks not to define music at least not by prescribing genres, but to simply let new music happen. Right now, “Machine” is free on Soundcloud. Be sure to keep an ear out for more by Dead Stare and let your ears wander around some soundscapes from the Funky Cat Label here.

About Dead Stare

Dead Stare is the electronic music duo of Gergo and DJ Broken Record. Also, they have played on such stages as those in Croatia’s summer season: Membrain Festival 2018. It’s the place to be where they spray bass in your face from the hangar stages over the beach all night long. Membrain Festival is known for bass music and other cool tunes as well.

Graphic from Dead Stare Facebook.

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