Deetox ‘Victory’ Album Brings Melodic Hardstyle with a Raw Edge

Out now via Bring The Riot

DJ and Producer, Deetox, delivers to great hardstyle tracks in the release of her album Victory. From rich synth melodies, all a euphoric party vibe inspires the sense of victory from which the album takes it’s name. Just have a listen to the music and feel the triumph that is Deetox Victory.

Deetox ‘Victory’

Album review: Deetox Victory


“This is classic hardstyle. Melodic, and warm melodies, and tough pounding kick drums, and lyrics of humanistic experiences. Here, this track is a victory anthem, and quite appropriate for the hardstyle genre as this intense style of electronic music calls for emotional drive like that of victory.

“My Revival”

Melodic, and echoing the style of “Victory” with more vocals about the spirit of being human and overcoming struggle. This has a vibe that is deep. As much melancholy as one’s own revival may inspire, “My Revival” soars with euphoric vibes.

About Deetox

This lady is a mother, a gifted musician, and avid promoter of hardstyle music. Deetox, also launched the record label, Bring The Riot, recently, and is a haven for hardstyle sound. There is certainly more to come from this label and Deetox.

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